The Challenge

Buying and selling things locally is a complicated and inconsistent experience. Antsquare is a marketplace created to deliver a smooth, seamless experience for both buyers and sellers in your community.

My Role

My job was to provide UX and UI direction to the development team for three main platforms: A web dashboard, iOS app, and Android App. I spent time researching the most seamless way our objective could be achieved.

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A local e-commerce platform

While the fundamentals of the local marketplace have remained largely unchanged over centuries, the marketplace of 2015 looks a lot different. As buyers, we now tend to browse from handheld phones without any need to visit our local shops. Merchants now upload product listings in seconds instead of setting up storefronts and kiosks. While most shops on the internet ship across the globe. Antsquare is a platform designed to transform your local area into a mobile-centric marketplace.

Antsquare starts out with a home screen that suggests local merchants around you, from there you can browse an interactive map of the entire region or search for shops and products that interest you. You’re just a couple taps away from paying and scheduling a time to pick up your item.

Check out the mobile apps on iOS or Android

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