The Challenge

Our team sought to improve user experience through delivery of Ikea manuals using a more interactive, ebook-style platform. Current Ikea digital media focuses specifically on catalogues and store information.

My Role

Our team researched how instructional content and e-books have been delivered on tablet platforms. Using Ikea's paper assembly instructions as a reference, I redesigned them into an iPad-based UI that utilized interactive touch screen features that could make building Ikea furniture fun and easy. The final protytype was brought to life with Keynote animations.

Keynote Design Research Axure RP inVision App Adobe Creative Cloud
An amplified IKEA effect through user experience

The IKEA effect is a cognitive bias that occurs when consumers place a disproportionally high value on products they partially created. This is an app that enhances the clarity of instructions and seeks to amplify the ikea effect through user experience and interactive techniques.

With a interface to show the assembly instructions. Users simply press start to begin the assembly process. Missing parts can be ordered directly from the app without the hassle of calling customer service or bringing the furniture back to the store. Animated graphics show an improved level of detail on how the pieces are meant to fit together. A detailed view of the process can be revealed by tapping into the info icons.

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