The Challenge

Hosting a party or gathering where music is the primary form of entertainment can be a challenge. People like to play their favourites and as a host it's difficult to know what those are. DJ2Q seeks to be a platform to engage guests in your music.

My Role

As a designer I researched popular music platforms and sought to create the most barrier-free and democratic way for guests to queue songs into a playlist. I worked on the identity, style and layouts for both mobile and desktop users.

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Simple Collaborative Playlists

DJ2Q (DJ to Queue) is a simple new way to play and share music with friends around you! It’s a crowd-sourced playlist platform that lets everyone play their favourites at your next party, workspace or hangout. Tracks are alternated fairly between users, democratizing the role of DJ. Everyone has an equal say in the next track in the mix. Create a party name, search for some songs, queue, and let the good times roll. With content coming direct from YouTube, you can pick nearly any song you can think of, and even seamlessly stream video.

Check out the app on Mobile or Desktop (Beta)

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