The Challenge

Emily Carr’s Health Design Lab and Fraser Health collaborated on a research and design project considering patient engagement in healthcare—specifically on increasing patient safety in hospitals.

My Role

As a designer I worked with a team to conduct a variety of research with patients and healthcare professionals including co-creation sessions, ethnographic probes, interviews. We developed our research into a bedside app prototype.

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Creating a Culture of Patient Safety

Through primary research, we found that establishing a culture of safety in hospitals can be achieved through three overarching concepts: building positive partnerships, facilitating patient empowerment, and establishing rituals. These three concepts work together to increase patient safety in hospitals by making the patient an active participant in their own care. By having knowledge about their care, patients will feel more in control of their own health, thus, instigating a new culture in which hospital hierarchies are flattened and partnerships built.

Check out the full report (PDF)

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