The Challenge

The Q:Exchange, as it was introduced to us, was made to be a hub for healthcare professionals. However, it consisted of a confusing registration system, hidden functionality, and not enough communicative feedback to encourage people to continue using the Q:Exchange for their projects.

My Role

As a researcher and UI designer I worked with a team to conduct a variety of research with healthcare professionals that work to improve patient quality. I designed, prototyped and user tested a web interface based on our findings.

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An interface for BC’s quality management programs

Vancouver Coastal Health and Emily Carr University collaborated on redesigning their intranet for the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council in a way that would be more welcoming and useful, would drive compliance, and promote their programs.

Our team completed several co-creation and user-testing sessions in order to gain insight on what features/functionality were important to the various people who would eventually use the community. Additionally, we set up an individual visit to Vancouver General Hospital in order to see the in-house systems they currently use and how we might be able to adapt our own version to mimic the good and avoid the bad. We created a simple, solution that was easy to use and understand, provided rich content, and helped move quality projects further.

Check out the full booklet (PDF)

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